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road adventures via joe’s blackberry!

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I’m riding shotgun in elen’s car and a customed painted intrepid just zoomed by us. It had hot pink racing stripes with custom painted hot pink door handles. Don’t forget the super man crest on the front! Exquiste!


Joe VS Canvas & Paint – Round 3

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Well, I had another “sit down” with my new painting.  I did more underpainting and glazing, such fun times.  Well its looking promising anyways…



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The simplest emotions broken down in a onomatopoeic form:

Happiness: Blee! [ie. “I love Christmas! Bleeeee!]

Sadness: Blooo.. [ie. “No one loves me, I had to buy my own birthday cake. Bloo.”]

Discontent: Blyy..! [ie. “My bed is cold.. blyy.”]

Anger: Boo! [ie. “Boo urns!”]

Disregarding/Dismissing: Pshhhh… [ie. “Pshhh, yeah right you’re working on a blog post…”]


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I was walking to school one lovely fall morning and I started to think: when we walk, all we are doing is propelling our bodies forward in a very complicated manor. It was mind blowing to think such a thing.  Walking, a simple day to day activity being complicated? Except that is is.  We push ourselves (propel) forward with the ball of our foot as we balance our bodies upright.  We move ridiculously.

Also, cars are magnificent creations.

🙂 ❤

For fun:

p.s. Joe, here you go.  I posted now you can’t complain at me anymore.

Joe VS Canvas & Paint – Round 2

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So I started the under-painting of my painting.  Not too much going on yet, we shall see where it goes.  That’s about it….

P.S. Elen won’t make a blog post…psh psh


Joe VS Canvas & Paint – Round 1

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So…I’m headed back into the land if canvas and acrylic paint.  I have not visited this medium for sometime, not since last years Goulash unveiling.  Painting has always been a pretty cool time, exspensive, but cool all the same.  This time I attempting to paint an army of my patented horned armless monsters.  Here’s the initial sketching on the canvas. I’ll update periodically when work actually gets accomplished on it.  Enjoy.