So I had a thought the other day whilst driving…

We, as people, are able to create complicated objects that help up greatly in our daily live.  We make these objects that have small minute parts that are connected just right so that they move just right at the right times to move.

If you look at a car engine it really is an amazing invention.  It moves this large hull that we sit in and can control where it points and thusly where it is going to travel. To make it work we have harnessed the power of fire.  This teeny-tiny little spark makes our complicated machine react in a very specific way.  Well how.

And not only does it make us go forward efficiently, it also does not break easily.  How many times have you grinded gears or shifted into the wrong gear? Luckily your car does not explode.  We have made an adapting system.  It feels.

Bionic eyes are made too now!

I’m holding out for my jetpack still.


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