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MS Paint Friday!!

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Well here it is..this was a quick one done with my tablet….its not that exciting but here it is.


MS Paint Friday :D

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Well here’s my submission to MS Paint Friday!  Slime monster vomiting……. MORE SLIME!


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Another MS Paint Creation! Enjoy! … I don’t know what I drew…

Wtf did I draw?

The Pink Floyd Experience!

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The Pink Floyd Experience is amazing. Side Thought – Do Bald Men aspire to be David Gilmour because they are bald? Or do they become bald by aspiring to be David Gilmour? This is my thoughts as we take a break from the performance. This is Joe-Tron reporting live from The Pink Floyd Experience. Ps craig is a douche.

MS Paint Friday! – JOE EDITION 2010!!!111!!!one

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Well I remembered tonight that it was friday, this whole week is messed up.  Anywho, I decided I going to do my MS Paint Friday Picture and here it is.

road adventures via joe’s blackberry!

Posted in Adventures, Elen, Joe, Road Post with tags , on December 21, 2009 by Joe

I’m riding shotgun in elen’s car and a customed painted intrepid just zoomed by us. It had hot pink racing stripes with custom painted hot pink door handles. Don’t forget the super man crest on the front! Exquiste!

Joe VS Canvas & Paint – Round 3

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Well, I had another “sit down” with my new painting.  I did more underpainting and glazing, such fun times.  Well its looking promising anyways…