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MS Paint Friday!!

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Well here it is..this was a quick one done with my tablet….its not that exciting but here it is.


King James Cameron’s Proclaimation

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We have decided that we are going to refer to Craig as Craig2000.  Actually, you know what, it’s going to be Craigator2000!  This is an official proclaimation from the King James Cameron, for he has been the only one to obtain unobtainium… the hardtogetium… the elusivinium… the boardwalkium… the charizardpokemoncardium. Well, you know it.

Lets us explain to you why the King James Cameron has decided to proclaim Craig to be Craigator2000.

It was a calm Sunday afternoon.  The sun was bright but there were some folks inside an apartment looking at computers.

“Join our blog,” said Joe to Craig.

“Sure,” said Craig back to Joe.

So it was settled that Craig would become apart of the team.

The next day Joe set up Craig an account on WordPress.  It was a time of celebration.

Shortly, three or four days later, Craig finally registered his account.  It was another time of celebration.  For you see, our wolf pack had grown by one.

Deep into the night Craig toiled and feverishly crafted his first blog posts.  Little did he know he did not tag nor categorize his post.

“Bah!” he said to such things and with a click of his finger he posted.

Now the story turns down a bleak path.

“You know Craig, we didn’t discuss this earlier, but you need a transformer name to really be a part of the blog.  This will be your final step to obtain the elightenment,” said Joe to Craig.

“Oh,” said Craig.

“Yes. Elekon and I were thinking that you should be Craig2000, you know because you like 2000 so much,” said Joe.

“Oh,” said Craig.

“Yeah, it sounds cool,” said Joe.

“Well you see, I was thinking for along the lines of Craig-tron,” said Craig.

This was the end of that conversation.

The next day Joe attended a Royal Feast with King James Cameron.  They dined on ale and swine.

King James Cameron has a mightly god voice this causes him to whisper into Joe’s ear.

“Yes sire!” exclaimed Joe.

And the meal ended.

And that is how Craig got the name Craigator2000.

-Transcribed from the Oral Tradition by Joe-Tron and Elekon.

MS Paint Friday :D

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Well here’s my submission to MS Paint Friday!  Slime monster vomiting……. MORE SLIME!

The Pink Floyd Experience!

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The Pink Floyd Experience is amazing. Side Thought – Do Bald Men aspire to be David Gilmour because they are bald? Or do they become bald by aspiring to be David Gilmour? This is my thoughts as we take a break from the performance. This is Joe-Tron reporting live from The Pink Floyd Experience. Ps craig is a douche.

road adventures via joe’s blackberry!

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I’m riding shotgun in elen’s car and a customed painted intrepid just zoomed by us. It had hot pink racing stripes with custom painted hot pink door handles. Don’t forget the super man crest on the front! Exquiste!

Joe VS Canvas & Paint – Round 3

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Well, I had another “sit down” with my new painting.  I did more underpainting and glazing, such fun times.  Well its looking promising anyways…


Joe VS Canvas & Paint – Round 2

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So I started the under-painting of my painting.  Not too much going on yet, we shall see where it goes.  That’s about it….

P.S. Elen won’t make a blog post…psh psh