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Mind drifts.

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I work at a well known grocery store and sometimes during my mundane days of stacking produce, my mind drifts to the things around me.

I present you with my work thoughts:

When I’m unloading a box of apples onto a display about 97% of every box is composed of properly shaped and coloured apples.  When I come upon a spotted, imperfect apple and have to throw it out, I feel bad like I am ostracizing the kid with bad acne in high school.

When I unload a broccoli crown box and set it on the counter, all the top green tree-like parts are sticking up and I feel like I’m looming over a forest like a giant.  Also, I feel that if I were to pick up a broccoli and up root a tree I could see the magical beasts that dwell in the forest as they run around and frolic.



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hehe, well of course

Hehe, for serious.

MS Paint Friday :D

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Well here’s my submission to MS Paint Friday!  Slime monster vomiting……. MORE SLIME!

The Pink Floyd Experience!

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The Pink Floyd Experience is amazing. Side Thought – Do Bald Men aspire to be David Gilmour because they are bald? Or do they become bald by aspiring to be David Gilmour? This is my thoughts as we take a break from the performance. This is Joe-Tron reporting live from The Pink Floyd Experience. Ps craig is a douche.


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The simplest emotions broken down in a onomatopoeic form:

Happiness: Blee! [ie. “I love Christmas! Bleeeee!]

Sadness: Blooo.. [ie. “No one loves me, I had to buy my own birthday cake. Bloo.”]

Discontent: Blyy..! [ie. “My bed is cold.. blyy.”]

Anger: Boo! [ie. “Boo urns!”]

Disregarding/Dismissing: Pshhhh… [ie. “Pshhh, yeah right you’re working on a blog post…”]


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I was walking to school one lovely fall morning and I started to think: when we walk, all we are doing is propelling our bodies forward in a very complicated manor. It was mind blowing to think such a thing.  Walking, a simple day to day activity being complicated? Except that is is.  We push ourselves (propel) forward with the ball of our foot as we balance our bodies upright.  We move ridiculously.

Also, cars are magnificent creations.

🙂 ❤

For fun:

p.s. Joe, here you go.  I posted now you can’t complain at me anymore.

Sasktel Bent Me Over…

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Well I opened my Sasktel bill today…boy was that cool! Data overage is relentless and basically I hate Sasktel right now.  So filled with hatred, I crafted these 3 sequential pictures. Enjoy.