MS paint MONDAYS?!?!

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This was made today. I know its not friday but here it is.


Paintbrush Sunday! (it wants to be MSPaint)

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Blasted Mac should come equipped with MS Paint, who needs MS Word, Microsoft needs to release MS Paint for Mac.

Meet Earl:

He’s a super cool being with a jetpack and khaki shorts.  He loves his khaki shorts.


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hehe, well of course

Hehe, for serious.

MS Paint Friday :D

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Well here’s my submission to MS Paint Friday!  Slime monster vomiting……. MORE SLIME!

MS paint friday

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My contribution. His name is Charles.


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I have been granted blogging privlages by Joe. WONDERFUL! For months and months I’ve been following this blog, or to be more accurate days, and now I finally have the chance to post on it. So scooch closer kids whilst I blog ur eyes out.

Why people are not amazing anymore.

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You know back in like the 1600’s and whatnot when there were those very, very famous people in the arts, like Bach, Mozart, Van Gogh, who have standed the test of time and are widely known all around the world.  Their music and art will never die and never stopped being loved.  But in this day and age is it very difficult to find people who are known all around the world in a big way.  There aren’t greats anymore.

I was watching a Where the Wild Things Are directed by Spike Jonze and I noticed that the score and background music was very intricate and enjoyable to listen to.  It sounded complicated but clean.  But whom ever composed it will not live through out the years.

So this is it, I think that the reason we don’t have Greats anymore in society is because too many people have been granted opportunity and have tainted the professions with so much garbage and reproduction and lack of originality that has saturated the arts that it is hard to pinpoint someone who can stand the test of time and is totally original.  Everyone has access to a guitar and mike and everyone can lay down a track. Myspace and youtube have made everyone stars.

Example: Go youtube “I kissed a lobster”.  She’s mildly famous.  And she’s quite wretched.

Back in the day the greats had to strive and work hard.  They set themselves apart by mastering and creating something completely knew.  They got themselves a piano and worked at it and saw a new light.  They looked at a canvas and saw something else.

No one can have great lasting fame anymore, but rather everyone can have their 15 minutes.