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MS Paint Friday :D

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Well here’s my submission to MS Paint Friday!  Slime monster vomiting……. MORE SLIME!


MS Paint Friday! – JOE EDITION 2010!!!111!!!one

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Well I remembered tonight that it was friday, this whole week is messed up.  Anywho, I decided I going to do my MS Paint Friday Picture and here it is.

Joe VS Canvas & Paint – Round 1

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So…I’m headed back into the land if canvas and acrylic paint.  I have not visited this medium for sometime, not since last years Goulash unveiling.  Painting has always been a pretty cool time, exspensive, but cool all the same.  This time I attempting to paint an army of my patented horned armless monsters.  Here’s the initial sketching on the canvas. I’ll update periodically when work actually gets accomplished on it.  Enjoy.