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I’m keeping it alive!

Whoooo rah!


Mind drifts.

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I work at a well known grocery store and sometimes during my mundane days of stacking produce, my mind drifts to the things around me.

I present you with my work thoughts:

When I’m unloading a box of apples onto a display about 97% of every box is composed of properly shaped and coloured apples.  When I come upon a spotted, imperfect apple and have to throw it out, I feel bad like I am ostracizing the kid with bad acne in high school.

When I unload a broccoli crown box and set it on the counter, all the top green tree-like parts are sticking up and I feel like I’m looming over a forest like a giant.  Also, I feel that if I were to pick up a broccoli and up root a tree I could see the magical beasts that dwell in the forest as they run around and frolic.


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hehe, well of course

Hehe, for serious.